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The geometry of complex objects can be measured highly accurately.

Surface Normals

The surface orientation and surface normals are reconstructed.


Specular highlights and surface gloss are separeted from color.


Surface color is measured accurately.


Instantaneous measurment with camera array.


Wide range of applications.

Our Mission

We strive for making feasible highly accurate measurements of complex object's geometry and surface properties such as surface normals, color and specularities. The quality of the results makes manual post-processing unnecessary. The approach is applicable to industrial inspection.


The technology is centered around an approach from light field imaging that lends itself to highly versatile applications due to its flexibility and ground breaking results.


Applications range from outdoor scenes to industrial inspection of complex objects. Measurement volumes range vom several cubic millimetres all the way to cubic meters. Objects can be measured instantaneously.


Together with four other teams of the University of Heidelberg, this project has been successfull in applying for "EXIST Transfer of Research" funding. The project has started on March 01st 2016.
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